General FAQ Information

Define the way in which NEM EVENTS provides DJ entertainment?

Our FAQ page answers most of your questions but our presentation and commitment to your happiness is all that matters to our staff. With 10 DJ’s on staff we have the ability to focus all the resources of our company on your event using or Lead Entertainers. Our DJ’s are all polished professionals with extensive music catalogs for every event. Every event is managed by an owner of our company so whenever a decision must be made that process will be handled professionally and with care.

Is NEM EVENTS an entertainment brokerage firm?

When you sit down with any of our staff you are talking to an employee of  NEM EVENTS. Our services allows you to not only pick your DJ but also your MC. You will personally meet every one of your entertainers at our pre-event meetings. We suggest you walk with pad and pen to your pre-event meeting, ask any question that you think is important so not only are you satisfied with our services but we have a clear understanding of your expectations and desires. Our pre-event meeting is approx. 3 weeks prior to your event.

How involved are you in helping us plan our music and event?

We hold your hand throughout the entire process. We will provide various resources in helping with your music selections. Our staff will also provide several different choices of music for your event if requested. Our online customer section allows 24/7 access to your event planer. Have an idea, log on 24 hours a day, post it to your password protected area and our staff will respond as quickly as possible. Provide us with one song or hundreds we will walk with you along the way and make sure you have all the music you want and need.

How soon should I begin the process in securing our date?

One of the many benefits of working with our company is our ability to man your event with a group of amazing event professionals. This policy allows our company full access to every bit of equipment we own and the ability to make sure all of your needs are meet. It does poise one problem though, we do book quickly so working as far in the future as you are comfortable assures that your date is locked in and we are available to make your event amazing.

What kinds of music are included in your collection?

NEM EVENTS owns an enormous library of music in all formats, if we don’t already own it we will obtain any music selection you may present to our staff from the most obscure to the latest remix of your favorite song. Challenge our staff and we will surely not disappoint. Our online database allows you to preview your selections before hand, ask your event specialist for more details.

What protections do you offer?

NEM EVENTS carries a full liability insurance policy for each and every event. To view a copy of our insurance policy please contact our staff. We also work with our customers during crisis, if the weather changes or a situation presents itself out of the normal scope of services our focus is to resolve the situation in a fashion that brings peace of mind to everyone involved.

Will you present a contract at our initial meeting?

We will present a sample contract upon request at any time during the process. Our terms are industry standards and everything is in black and white, from setup times to  start times. Each performer that will man your show and the times in which they will perform are all in black and white.  We make sure that you have enough time to review our contract as the pressure shouldn’t be in signing something you are not happy with.

What terms do you have for payment?

Deposit varies on the size of event and the time between signing and the actual event date. Payment in full is due 14 days prior to your event. We accept most major credit cards, cash, money orders and personal checks for down payment. Ask our staff about early payment options and discounts when you book your event. Please see contract for returned check fees.